Mission/Purpose Statement:

To provide mentoring and Christian counseling services to girls ages 6-18 in vulnerable populations, while employing culturally sensitive teaching strategies with a focus on Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  

Our hope is that ETO will become an organization without borders that will serve girls in vulnerable populations throughout the State of Alabama.

The Five Foundational Pillars of Our Mentoring & Small Groups:

1.  Transforming Thoughts

2.  Transforming Habits

3.  Transforming Actions

4.  Transforming Character

5.  Shaping Global Leaders

NAACP Salute To 

Civil Rights Contributors &

Outstanding Community Service Ceremony

Saturday, April 27,2013 at 5:00pm

Miles College Campus 

Kimberly M. Speights

Founder/Executive Director

Empowered To Overcome Inc.

Presented The

NAACP Outstanding Community Service Medal!


This series is a brief study on cycles and breaking them. The objective of this series is to help women identify and break cycles and  maintain a cycle-free life: 


This series will discuss and address:

  • What is a cycle? 

  • Types of cycles 

  • Cycle Origins 

  • Soul Ties/Generational Curses

  • Becoming a Cycle-Breaker

  • How to Break A Cycle 

  • Maintaining a Cycle-free Life

  • Mentorship/Accountability Partner/Eagles


Participants must be 18 years of age and older

Each session is an 10 week curriculum.

A maximum of 15 attendees per session.

Next Session begins Fall 2022!



For more information on The End. and/or to sign-up for a session, email us here.

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